Car sharing

GoMore’s mission is to help people share cars. By doing so we reduce CO2 emissions, make better use of the existing resources and take better care of our planet.

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GoMore’s mission is to help people share cars.



All rentals are insured

All rentals are insured and include 24/7 roadside assistance.

Cars for any situation

GoMore has all kinds of cars; from shiny electric cars for business trips, to lovely cars for weekend getaways, and spacious vans for moving furniture.

Unlock with your phone

Keyless cars can be unlocked and picked-up just using the GoMore app.

Low monthly price when you’re leasing

All prices include insurance, service, and plenty of km. You can also add extra equipment and adjust the included kilometers if needed.

Lower your costs

You can rent out your GoMore leasing car when it’s not being used. The more your share, the lower your monthly cost.

Get Keyless in your leasing car

With GoMore Keyless your car can be rented when you’re not home. It makes sharing easier and helps lowers your monthly cost.

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