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Hemavi Elects Zoran Covic to Board of Directors

Hemavi has elected Zoran Covic, Board Member, to its board of directors. Zoran brings a wealth of industry experience and an entrepreneurial mindset to Hemavi.

February 14, 2022
Hemavi Elects Zoran Covic to Board of Directors
Zoran Covic, Hemavi's latest board member.

Zoran, former CEO of Ework group, is a renowned business executive in Sweden. Zoran was appointed as the CEO of Ework Group in 2014. During his tenure as Ework’s CEO, Ework has gone from approximately 3,500 consultants and SEK 3.8 billion in revenues to 10,300 consultants and SEK 12.2 billion in revenues. In addition, Zoran led the digitization of Ework where it now offers a digital marketplace for consulting services.

In 2020, under Zoran’s leadership, Ework built and launched Verama, a machine learning-based marketplace for contingent workforce buyers, suppliers and consultants in addition to Verama vms, a procurement-to-pay (P2P) process.

“With extraordinary track record of growth and success, we are thrilled to announce that Zoran is joining forces with Hemavi. Zoran’s expertise, innovative ideas, and wide network would be crucial to Hemavi’s success in 2022.” says Pascal Dettwiler.

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