Frontend Developer

Waleed is a front-end developer with a lot of experience. He is passionate and curious about user experience, design and development of innovative websites and mobile applications. He loves to read, watch movies or web series, travel, swim, and eat.

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What's your go-to dish when you have to make dinner?

Beef grilled burger

You’re getting two roommates for your new apartment. Dead or alive, who would you choose?

Lionel Messi & Kate Winslet

If you could only listen to one singer or band for the rest of your life, who would you choose?

Atif Aslam

What's the most useless talent you have?

What would you name your boat if you had one?

Titanic Returns

What is your best life hack?

To not answer every question asked.

What are the best and worst purchases you’ve ever made?

Best one is my car, and worst one is my phone

What is the dumbest way you’ve been injured?

I fell off the bike because there was oil on the street and I slipped. I stood up, and again after moving some meters fell again on the same oil and got injured. Lol

What makes you a valuable member of the Hemavi team?

I feel very passionate and motivated whenever I start working on Hemavi because I really like the idea behind it, and I feel great to be part of the team which impacts people's lives in a positive way, So I really like to add value to this initiative using my experience and maximum potential.

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